Vintage Cow Print on Handmade Paper, Sienna's Nature Designs, Framed, No Glass, 15 inches high by 12 inches wide, (SK7134)

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Product Overview

This piece was made by Sienna hand carving a Cow design, then using printmaking ink and a roller to print the design on her handmade paper. 

Sienna is Joel Cherrico's wife and better half, who also works full-time at Cherrico Pottery, LLC. When she is not assisting in business administration, Sienna makes art, including but not limited to:

  • handmade paper
  • digital photography
  • cyanotype sun printing
  • linoleum block printing
  • painting: acrylic, oil and water color
  • pen, pencil and India Ink illustration
  • ...and more!

Sienna is inspired by natural landscapes, grasses and other parts of nature, here in our local landscape.