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This page outlines all Frequently Asked Questions for,,, and Joel Cherrico Pottery.

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Q: "How do I buy Cherrico Pottery?"

A: Browse available pottery on,, or


Q: "The mug I want is sold out. How do I get one?"

A: Sign up for our free email newsletter,, and wait patiently for new mugs to be created and made available. Or, sign up for our paid pottery subscription, We always promise to give Patrons first pick on all new pottery, and you will get pottery mailed to you once yearly.


Q: "Your mugs are always sold out. Why can't you make more?

A: Most mugs today are made in China, in gigantic factories, in batches of 10,000 in a single kiln firing. Cherrico Pottery is made in the USA, in small batches, about 100 per kiln firing. That is the nature of my art.


Q: "I broke my mug. Can I fix it?"

A: Unfortunately, no. Broken pottery can not be repaired. That is the nature of the art of pottery. The best I can do is try to inform people of this reality, and encourage you to use your pottery carefully. Most Cherrico Pottery is more durable than most handmade and industrially made ceramics. I use Stoneware clay, one of the strongest clays available. But, ceramic is inherently brittle. If mishandled, or hit against a surface, it can break.


Q: "How many mugs do you make per year?"

A: Usually more than 5,000 pieces of pottery yearly, and about 25% of those are mugs. 


Q: "How do I contact your Customer Service?"

A: Email us anytime:


Q: "Do you really give your Patreon subscribers 50% off?"

A: Yes! Patrons get 50% off all available pottery on and They do not get 50% off because Cherrico Pottery shares half of all revenue with author Steven Pressfield, since this is a collaborative project, so discounts are not possible.


Q: "Do you do custom commission work?"

A: No. Thank you very much for your interest, but I have spent 20,000+ hours crafting my own colors, forms and styles. That is my only focus. But you might find other potters who might be interested in your project on this list of pottery blogs. 


Q: "Can you donate to my silent auction?"

A: We are not able to donate pottery to silent auctions and fundraising events. This is because there are far too many requests to fulfill, and because we already give money and pottery regularly to these good causes publicly on


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We hope you will please be respectful of the fact that Joel Cherrico is an artist and can only make a limited number of our best selling CosmicMugs monthly. We are required to price artwork appropriately in response to demand, and our goal is to provide as much pottery as possible to as many people as possible.


If sold out, please wait patiently for the next email newsletter, which we send out whenever Joel has a fresh batch of pots available (typically once monthly). Please be patient and diligently watch our email newsletters if you would like to snag a Cosmic Mug.


We also frequently offer discount sales and giveaways, about once monthly, and newsletter subscribers always get notified.


To learn more about my pottery career and how I make a living as a full-time potter, read this eight part American Craft Council authorship series, ”A Potter's Journey.” 



Thanks again for your interest in my artwork!



Joel Cherrico

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Updated: 2/7/2024