Learn About the Cherrico Pottery Team


Joel Cherrico, Owner / Potter / Designer

Joel Cherrico started Cherrico Pottery, LLC in 2010 after graduating from the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University with a degree in art. Since then, he has supported his livelihood full-time by designing, creating, and selling handmade pottery. Cherrico Pottery blends historical pottery methods with new technology to revolutionize the ways that art impacts our global society.

Every piece of art in our studio is signed with the Cherrico Pottery logo, created by Joel in 2008 and tattooed on his arm.

"Ever since I was young, mountains have affected me powerfully. Mountains represent ambition. They're like gigantic sculptures made by nature. The idea of reaching the summit of a mountain motivates me to pursue and achieve great goals with my artwork. Each pot gets signed with a simple, abstract line drawing of a Rocky Mountain landscape."

- Joel Cherrico

Joel Cherrico is a potter who has handcrafted over 30,000 pieces of pottery, which are now being enjoyed by people all over the planet. Joel continues to handcraft about 5,000 of pieces of pottery every year, with help from pottery studio assistant employees. Together they handcraft pottery for sale on cosmicmugs.com and store.cherricopottery.com. Joel also offers affordable "Merch" products commissioned from other companies, offered at store.cherricopottery.com/merch.

My Favorite Cherrico Pottery Style: it changes constantly, but I love seeing Neptune Mugs emerge from the kiln successfully. 


Sienna, Studio and Business Assistant / Paper Artist

Coming soon…Sienna Cherrico (Joel’s better half) assists with business and makes art. Sienna’s “Collaborative Pottery” designs are inspired by local grasses in Minnesota. She also makes paper, by hand, with inclusions of these grasses. You can learn the history behind how she makes paper and other two dimensional art in her blog post: The Art of Making Paper 

My Favorite Cherrico Pottery Style: coming soon…


Liz, Administrative Assistant

Hi there, I’m Liz.  You may have seen my name down at the bottom of emails you have received from us. I also write posts for our social media accounts, take photos, and post videos of beautiful pottery all day, every day! There is always something to do, be it sanding pottery or painting our logo on shipping boxes. 

I like big mugs, and I cannot lie…I have always loved pottery and I get a lot of pleasure drinking my morning coffee out of a handmade mug. While living in Alaska, I took some pottery classes with Dave McKenzie-Cole which proved to be an excellent creative outlet. Now, having moved down to Minnesota with my husband Robert late last year, I’m excited to be a part of the Cherrico Pottery team, which has introduced me to the local pottery community. I have always found myself inspired by nature and I’m looking forward to searching out beautiful bodies of water and pretty sunsets here. I also look forward to stretching myself professionally and personally, learning new skills and having a whole lot of fun doing so. 

My Favorite Cherrico Pottery Style: All of the “Cosmic” collections!


Cortland, Studio Technician

Hello fellow Pottery Nerds! Life is but a twisting and turning road; stuck behind a driver in the slow lane. I studied at Minneapolis Media Institute in 3D Modeling and Space Rendering with a secondary focus in Graphic Design. After college I found myself working professionally in a photo studio; then as a Designer at Shutterfly. I turned away from these prospects as they didn't give me the fulfillment I desired from a career. I ended up looking deeper into myself to find what my passions really wanted from me. The realization that my deep infatuation with historical art and a desire for a creative outlet were not opposites, but kindred spirits; led me straight to the ancient practice of pottery. 

I took a chance on pottery and Joel took a chance on me; since that day my eyes have been opened to a culture and tradition that I am proud to be a part of. I now play my part in shuttling all pottery made by Joel through every single process as soon as they are off the Kick-Wheel. This process is; softening - kiln loading - GLAZING (:my favorite part:) - kiln loading - sanding - packing/shipping.

 With all of this I still try to find time to use all of the lessons I have learned through this long windy road of life. I use my photography skills for our marketing, I use my meticulous nature on each piece of pottery that passes my hands and now I get to use my passions to my best ability! I just want to emphasize that life takes us to places and puts us in positions we may not be prepared for. The important part is to learn along the way, always using your lessons and strengths to your advantage.

My Favorite Cherrico Pottery Style: My favorite style of Cherrico Pottery has to be our Meteorite Mugs; as I believe they are severely underrated. Their abstract design and utterly unique chrome-like glaze work together to make it seem as if you have plucked a small asteroid straight from the cosmos.


Will, Studio Technician

Hey everybody! I’m Will, I studied education at Saint John’s University, where I took eight credits of ceramics my senior year. The Professor was Sam Johnson, one of Joel’s mentors, and I quickly fell in love with ceramics, but my career choices were moving me elsewhere. 2 years later now, I started working for Joel, for what I thought was going to be a very short period of time. Joel was now a family friend and brother-in-law of my best friend growing up, Sienna’s brother, Turner. I became quick friends with Cortland, Katie, and Luna, who is pictured below. My daily tasks include: refining of pots, (we call it sanding and inspecting, and softening), adding *Lunar textures, and I also help package and prep the artwork for shipping. Recently, Joel has taken me on as his first apprentice for throwing with a Karatsu kick wheel, in the style he learned from Sam Johnson, who learned from local artist and master potter, Richard Bresnahan. I am stoked out of my mind to be a part of Cherrico Pottery, and I get to see Luna every day. 

My Favorite Cherrico Pottery Style: My favorite of Joel’s designs is the Neptune Mug, because even though I know how it’s made, I still speculate whether or not they’re from another world. 


Luna, Studio Pet

Luna lives at the Cherrico Pottery studio in a 2’ x 4’ x 4’ “Zen Habitat” vivarium of rocks, beachwood, soil and plants. She was about 7-8 years old when she came from Minneapolis, from a kind woman who gives foster care to bearded dragons and finds them homes. Luna enjoys a comfy retirement at Cherrico Pottery. She loves veggie salads, crunchy Dubia roaches, and the sugar rush of giant blueberries. 

Favorite Cherrico Pottery Style: lunar bowls, preferably filled with blueberries.