Learn About The Cherrico Pottery Team

All Cherrico Pottery is handcrafted by Cherrico Pottery, LLC, cherricopottery.com. Potter Joel Cherrico dedicated his life to the art of pottery, and has since spent over 20,000 hours mastering his craft.


Joel Cherrico developed unique glaze chemistry for his art, resulting in truly innovative pottery. Cherrico Pottery is kiln fired to about 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit to guarantee 100% non-toxic, food safe glazed surfaces.

Meet the Cherrico Pottery Team

Joel Cherrico, Potter 

Joel Cherrico is a potter who has handcrafted over 30,000 pieces of pottery, which are now being enjoyed by people all over the planet. He started Cherrico Pottery, LLC in 2010 after graduating from the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University with a degree in art, honors, magna cum laude. Since then, he has supported his livelihood full-time by designing, creating, and shipping handmade pottery to customers globally. Cherrico Pottery blends historical pottery methods with new technology to revolutionize the ways that art impacts our global society. Joel continues to handcraft about 5-6,000 of pieces of pottery every year, with help from pottery studio assistant employees.

Every piece of art in our studio is signed with the Cherrico Pottery logo, created by Joel in 2008 and tattooed on his arm.

"Ever since I was young, mountains have affected me powerfully. Mountains represent ambition. They're like gigantic sculptures made by nature. The idea of reaching the summit of a mountain motivates me to pursue and achieve great goals with my artwork. Each pot gets signed with a simple, abstract line drawing of a Rocky Mountain landscape."

- Joel Cherrico

My Favorite Cherrico Pottery Style: it changes constantly, but I love seeing Neptune Mugs emerge from the kiln successfully. 


Sienna Cherrico, Studio and Business Assistant / Paper Artist

Sienna Cherrico (Joel’s better half) assists with business and makes art. “Sienna's Nature Designs" are inspired by local, native grasses around our home here in Minnesota. She also makes paper, by hand, with inclusions of these grasses. You can learn the history behind how she makes paper and other two dimensional art in her blog post: The Art of Making Paper 

My Favorite Cherrico Pottery Style: Mountain Pottery and Nuka Iron, the color pallet at our wedding.


Luna, Studio Pet

Luna lives at the Cherrico Pottery studio in a 2’ x 4’ x 4’ “Zen Habitat” vivarium of rocks, beachwood, soil and plants. She was about 7-8 years old when she came from Minneapolis, from a kind woman who gives foster care to bearded dragons and finds them homes. Luna enjoys a comfy retirement at Cherrico Pottery. She loves veggie salads, crunchy Dubia roaches, and the sugar rush of giant blueberries. 

Favorite Cherrico Pottery Style: lunar bowls, preferably filled with blueberries.