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Product Overview

Official Cherrico Pottery Merchandise. Printed with a semi-gloss finish, this 18 x 24 inch poster features digitally designed interpretations of some our most popular pieces including our iconic “Moon Mug”, “Cosmic Mug”, and “Neptune Mug”. Autographed by Joel Cherrico

Designed by our former team member, Katelynn Zemke. This poster was created as a digital art piece. Using her iPad and stylus, Katie hand drew these mugs in her spare time with the program Procreate. Joel Cherrico was so impressed with Katie's work that he asked her to turn this piece of art into a poster, and to offer it available for Cherrico Pottery fans.

*FRAME NOT INCLUDED. Ships in round tube mailers.

Artist Statement by Katelynn Zemke 

Digital art isn’t just computer generated images or filters. With programs like illustrator or procreate, you can create drawings digitally with a tablet, computer, or phone turning these devices into convenient, electronic sketchbooks. If the iPad is a sketch pad, the stylus is the pencil, both of which are used and operated by a living, breathing person. 

While yes, digital art is very different from traditional art mediums, it still requires human involvement. Using the tools provided through digital art software doesn’t take away the fact that it was still made with the human hand motivated by a spark of creativity. A quilt made with a sewing machine isn’t described as “machine made” but rather handmade as it’s just a tool the fiber artist uses. I don’t think digital art is any different, we are just using the tools within drawing software. Every stroke, color, and highlight on these mug illustrations were drawn by my hand and deliberately placed.

One of the perks of digital art is that it allows artists to build in layers. Working on individual layers allows digital artists to manipulate, alter, or delete certain elements of a piece without completely starting over. 

For example, I was inspired by Sienna’s handmade paper and wanted to include it in this composition. To convey the texture of the paper, I created multiple overlapping layers of different opacities to give a slightly transparent effect. To make the texture even more obvious, I decided to place the “paper” over a picture of a nebula taken by NASA’S Hubble Telescope, the same picture that inspires the green “Star Formation Cosmic Mugs” that Joel makes (*The nebula background was not drawn by me)

If I’m honest, I had no “end goal” for these illustrations. I was newer to digital art and just wanted to practice with this new medium. 5 days a week I’m at the Cherrico Pottery Studio and surrounded by all of Joel’s different, colorful pots. Being in a creative environment most of the week motivated me to work on more creative projects outside of work, and gave me the push I needed to learn this new medium.