One Random Grab Bag Mug, Bowl or set of Cups, Variety of Shapes and Sizes

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BONUS: every order also gets two Spiral Cosmic Mug vinyl stickers, and one Christmas ornament: either a "Pit Fired Moon, 2022" style from last year's back stock, or a "Nuka Logo" ornament, 2020 vintage, from Cherrico Pottery's 10 year anniversary. Ornaments need to be chosen randomly from our back stock.

If you're excited about getting a random mug, bowl or set of cups from Cherrico Pottery, offered at a lower price, then this listing is for you. Styles vary widely in size, shape, and style. 

100 total available. Here is a list of the pottery included, so you know what you are most likely to get: 

  • 35 bowls, 8-10oz. size, Ruby Red or Nuka Grasses or Nuka with accents of iron, copper and cobalt ($85 value)
  • 35 mugs, Tall Ruby Red or Experimental Red/Orange Mugs, Mayco Slip Cast, Gazed by Joel Cherrico, 16-17oz. size ($125 value)
  • 10 mugs, Ruby Red, 10-20oz sizes ($95-125 value)
  • 5 mugs, Lunar/Asteroid with some Ruby Red interiors, 10-20oz sizes ($195 value)
  • 5 Ramen Bowls, Nuka, roughly 25-30oz. size ($145 value)
  • 7 x sets of 4 Ruby Red shot cups ($99 value)
  • 2 sets of 3 of Tiny Bowls, ($95 value)
  • 1 Woodfired Slab Tray with Handles ($1,495 value)

I apologize that we can not take specific requests for your exact pot, as this is a "Random Grab Bag" sale and the pots need to be chosen from a random assortment to maintain fairness for all customers. 


All of our Stoneware and pottery is completely non-absorbent, 100% dishwasher and food safe.