Nuka Grasses Serving Bowl, Roughly 10.5 Inches Wide, 4.75 Inches Tall (SK7705)

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Product Overview

This serving bowl has been painted with glazes to produce a soft floral design, reminiscent of the prairie grasses that surround our studio. Perfectly sized for serving a side dish for 4-6 people, or for using as a centerpiece or fruit bowl. 

All of our Stoneware and porcelain pottery is completely non-absorbent. This bowl is 100% dishwasher and food safe.

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Standard Ware describes a line of pottery that is balanced between beauty and utility. "Nuka" describes a historical Japanese glaze made with local wood ashes. You can learn how Joel Cherrico developed his custom Nuka glaze over years of testing ceramic glaze chemistry by reading this blog post.