Nuka Cobalt (Discontinued)


Effective 2/2/2023: all new Nuka Cobalt pottery has been discontinued because Joel Cherrico was appalled by human rights violations in the cobalt mining industry. Joel discontinued his best selling Nuka Cobalt Pottery and Blue Cosmic Mugs.

Anytime you see blue in basically all pottery globally, it is likely from cobalt. There are almost no alternatives for achieving blue pottery, and we believe that there is no compelling evidence that slavery-free cobalt exists.

Cherrico Pottery is unfortunately still required to use limited amounts of cobalt in some parts of our process, which is requried to achieve some blue highlights and blacks. But we reduced our usage by about 99%. Learn more in his blog post and video here: 

The Truth About Cobalt Slavery in 2023: Why I'm Discontinuing my Bestselling Cobalt Blue Pottery

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