Mountain Wall Platter, Roughly 10" wide by 1.75" tall (SK7749)

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This hanging wall platter would look great in most any home or office setting. It has been carved and painted with glazes to produce a dramatic mountainscape. Mountains are gigantic sculptures made by nature that affect us powerfully. Mountains also represent ambition. The idea of reaching the summit of a mountain can motivate us to pursue and achieve great goals. Joel Cherrico creates this abstract mountain pottery with those ideas in mind. 

All of my "Wall Platters" have flaws, including but not limited to cracks, pitted or bubbled glaze and more. These are natural textures that happen in clay, and part of the art. Please do not buy this art of you are interested only in a clean, non-flawed piece, because the flaws are part of the art, and inherent to this type of clay art. I love the raw nature of the flaws. However, all of these platters work great for a table centerpiece or food-safe serving tray, or hung on a wall. This Mountain Wall Platter comes with a "Monkey Hook" hanging device and hanging instructions.

All of our Stoneware and porcelain pottery is completely non-absorbent.   

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Standard Ware describes a line of pottery that is balanced between beauty and utility. "Nuka" describes a historical Japanese glaze made with local wood ashes. You can learn how Joel Cherrico developed his custom Nuka glaze over years of testing ceramic glaze chemistry by reading this blog post.