Flawed/Test Grab Bag Pottery

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Product Overview

Our very own 'Island of Misfit Pots". We have a small collection of mugs, vases, tiny bowls, and shot cups that vary in size and shape. They also feature a variety of glaze styles and an assortment of visual and textural "flaws" that warrant a discount. This listing is intended to showcase a rotating variety of "seconds" as they come out of the kiln, so keep checking back, as stock changes frequently.

An order may consist of:

  • One mug, or
  • One vase, or
  • Two tiny bowls, or
  • Three shot cups, or
  • If we don't have enough shot cups or bowls, we will do a combination of 2 shot cups and a tiny bowl

These pots are still 100% functional and usable, but they have a small imperfection. Some were glaze tests that Joel was experimenting with. Most have scratches or bumps, or an "S Crack" which is a small crack on the underside of the pot. It happens because Joel chooses to "Hump Throw" pottery from a large mound of clay, so the clay does not get as much compression. These cracks happen when the pot dries, before it is glazed and fired.

Joel decides to glaze and fire the "S Crack" pottery because these cracks don't normally affect function. The pots are still 100% usable and safe. The cracks never change, they don't expand and they don't need to be filled with anything. They're simply an annoying visual and texture flaw, which are a natural part of the pottery process.

We apologize that we can not take requests for the type of pottery you want, as this is a "Random" sale and the pieces of pottery need to be chosen from a random assortment. However, if you have a disability or special need, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate you with a proper size and weight piece of pottery.


All of our Stoneware and Porcelain pottery is 100% non-toxic, safe for food and drink, and meant to be used and enjoyed daily.